Chatbot is an indispensable element of developing an HR ecosystem in business. This software saves the HR manager’s time by providing auto-responses to common employee questions, increases talent engagement and acts as an organizer. In the chatbot, employees can see a list of tasks, courses, plans, and start completing them straight in the application.

Talent Acquisition

  • Contactless mass recruiting 
  • Acquaintance with the company and with different vacancies 
  • Vacancy search by keyword 
  • Responding to a vacancy 
  • Sending a CV 
  • Automatic response generation and saving the candidate’s contacts 
  • Using the collected contacts for the subsequent distribution of vacancies 

Talent Management

  • Monitoring tasks for onboarding 
  • Self-services: requests for remote work, vacation, day-off 
  • Automatic recording of all requests in the system and notification of HRM 
  • Tracking the status of requests submitted by an employee 
  • Automatic assignment of tasks for the onboarding period 
  • Ability to pass onboarding through messengers, such as Viber, Teams, Facebook, Telegram 
  • Collecting feedback 
  • Search for employee contacts 

Organization of remote work and Modern Digital Workplace

  • List of tasks and their statuses 
  • Online learning management 
  • Self-services for submitting requests without visiting the office 
  • Sending praise to project colleagues 

Learning Management

  • Notifications about assigned courses for mandatory completion 
  • Search through the Catalog and access to all courses in the LMS 
  • Reminders and deadlines for completing training 
  • Search tools to select the topic of interest 

Career Development

  • Automatic assignment and sending of surveys and feedback forms 
  • List of acquired and enhanced skills and competencies, their levels 

Digital Corporate Culture

  • Assignment of badges in accordance with gamification programs 
  • Sending praise to colleagues 
  • Search for employee contacts 
  • Chatbot adaptation for the selected messenger: Telegram, Teams, Viber, Messenger 
  • Security: authorization through AD 
  • Access to information in LMS: knowledge base, tasks, competencies 
  • Receiving messages from the system: notifications, reminders, mass mailings 

HCM Automation

  • Automated recruiting 
  • Automated requests and responses 
  • Automated onboarding 
  • Automated training reminders 

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