Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a set of cloud-based applications and services for building a digital work environment, productive collaboration, and remote learning. The platform helps you track and effectively manage tasks, as well as easily organize your workday from any device from anywhere in the world.

Talent Acquisition

  • Online interviews with the ability of recording and generating an AI-based transcript 
  • Built-in forms for entry testing 

Talent Management

  • Thematic channels on employee requests 
  • Assigning tasks with mentions 
  • Goal setting and tracking the achievement of goals 
  • Automatic assignment of tasks for the onboarding period 
  • Collecting feedback and suggestions from employees 
  • Schedule management and coordination of daily tasks 

Organization of remote work and Modern Digital Workplace

  • Private channel for each department or project team 
  • Shared access to files and sites of departments 
  • Access and ability to work with an important daily tool from any device: documents, spreadsheets, Power BI, PowerPoint, and others 
  • A complete set of tools for remote work and collaboration: Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, corporate mail, and extended versions of Office applications on different devices 
  • Corporate communication and notification system 

Learning Management

  • Checking learning results with tests and exporting answers to Excel 
  • Creation and automatic assignment of courses, tasks, and tests 
  • Student progress assessment 
  • Effective use of collective knowledge 
  • Creation of a knowledge library or educational hub 

Performance Management

  • Integrations with apps that track productivity and access to them from Teams 
  • Keeping track of information and control of the most important tasks with Microsoft Lists 
  • Creation of a Kanban board, use of task cards with access to a variety of content: files, checklists, labels, etc. 
  • Automatic task status monitoring 

Digital Corporate Culture

  • Unified communication platform, corporate communication and interaction system 
  • Extensive integration with company systems 
  • Security and privacy management tools 
  • Protection against copying and saving corporate information in third-party applications and places 
  • Organization of teamwork using an intuitive and visual task management system with support for group interaction 
  • Large-scale meetings, corporate meetings, and training seminars with the participation of up to 20,000 people 
  • Interest-based communities for ideas, feedback, and information sharing 

HCM Automation

  • Multiple apps in Teams Store to automate any business task 
  • Automation of requests, internal services and routine daily tasks using robotic process automation (RPA) 
  • Independent no-code app creation for any business task 
  • Creating a functional digital environment with forms, workflows, and user apps for any device 

HCM Analytics and Decision Making

  • Visualization of survey results and advanced analysis capabilities 
  • Analytical insights and monitoring of personal productivity indicators  
  • AI-based suggestions and recommendations 

HR Brand Development (Building Loyalty)

  • Development of HR identity and promotional materials for internal communications and external acquisition channels

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