A solution for building a modern HR ecosystem and effective human capital management that combines Dynamics 365 services and modern reporting tools to close the full cycle of tasks: from recruitment to talent development.

Talent Acquisition

  • Integration with employment sites for automatic posting of vacancies and receiving responses 
  • Mass recruiting via chatbot 
  • Database of potential candidates 
  • CV parsing on core and non-core resources 
  • Creating an ideal candidate profile for each position 
  • Managing the recruitment funnel and recording results 
  • Automation of sending notifications and invitations to candidates 
  • Saving the full history of communication with the candidate 
  • Visualization of recruitment results 
  • Analytics of talent acquisition channels 
  • Marketing HR campaigns to attract talent 

Talent Management

  • Employee profiles. Maintaining job profiles 
  • Automatic assignment and control of the onboarding plan according to the position 
  • Possibility of passing onboarding through messengers 
  • List of tasks for probation period, management of mentors 
  • Visualization of staff structure, management of horizontal and vertical hierarchies 
  • Management of contracts, insurance policies and manuals of each employee 
  • Keeping record of progress in work and projects, monitoring tasks 
  • Accounting for material assets 

Organization of remote work and Modern Digital Workplace

  • HR digital workspace: interviewing, digital onboarding, probation period tasks, team contacts, manuals, etc. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: learning portal, materials, reminders, and assignments on any device 

Learning Management

  • Management of the corporate educational center 
  • Formalization and automation of staff assessment and training in a single system 
  • Catalog of courses for self-education 
  • Automatic assignment of learning plans including mass assignment 
  • Formation of individual training plans 
  • Keeping record of the progress of each employee and the period of training 
  • Chatbot for remote learning and timely reminders 
  • Management of the base of questions for testing 
  • Multilingual customizable interface for creating tests 
  • Organization of testing through a chatbot 
  • Implementation of 24/7 remote learning from any device 

Performance Management

  • Definition of employee’s key performance indicators (KPI) 
  • Approval and management of KPIs 
  • KPI performance monitoring and analysis in real time 
  • Guide on KPI categories 

Career development

  • Management of skills and competencies of employees 
  • Assessment of competencies and skills. Assessment procedures: 90, 270, 360 
  • Associating skills with job profiles, vacancies, responses, candidates, projects, and employees passing training 
  • Building employee development plans based on digital indicators 
  • Compilation of general and individual grading scales 
  • Feedback, surveys, questionnaires 
  • Analysis of employee performance to prepare for Performance Review 

Digital Corporate Culture

  • Personal digital HR assistant 
  • Access to the company’s expertise base in LMS 
  • Passing remote learning, tests, and surveys via a chatbot 
  • Self-Services for an employee and communication in a chatbot 
  • Questionnaires on employee values 
  • A single information space for all company events 
  • Employee engagement through gamification and interactive interface 
  • Easy search of employee photos with intelligent face recognition in corporate photo albums 
  • Ability to track attendance 

HCM Automation

  • Automation of internal and external HR processes: recruiting, onboarding, assigning training, evaluating the effectiveness of acquisition channels, gamification

HCM Analytics and Decision Making

  • Аналіз та оцінка ключових факторів відтоку персоналу в компанії 
  • Прогнозування ризику звільнення співробітників 
  • Розподіл співробітників по зонах ризику на підставі чинників, що впливають на звільнення 
  • Розподіл навантаження між рекрутерами для ефективного планування кампаній з найму 

HR Brand Development (Building Loyalty)

  • Creation and confirmation of the image of a digital-oriented company 
  • Building and tracking a complete Employee Journey 
  • Self-Services for employees, automatic responses to requests 
  • Expert knowledge base with 24/7 access 
  • Training of clients and partners on one platform 

Professional HRM development

  • Development of hard skills in the process of working with the system 
  • Training to implement the system and create content for digital learning 
  • HR analytics tools and algorithms 
  • Tools for automating HR processes and working with a team 
  • Optimization of HR expenses 
  • Accelerating data processing and minimizing the involvement of people in routine tasks 
  • Digitization of recruiting, onboarding, training, and assessment of staff 
  • Development of skills to predict the reaction and behavior of staff: churn or potential dismissals and taking proactive actions 

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