Intranet is an internal corporate portal that allows companies to create a convenient modern environment for employee collaboration in order to increase their motivation and work efficiency. By developing modern digital platforms within the company, you automate important communication processes between departments and regularly increase the team’s involvement in the culture and growth of the company.

Talent Acquisition

  • Job descriptions 
  • Library of documents for registration of labor relations 
  • Generation, storage, signing of job offers and contracts using Digital Signature 
  • Application forms for vacancies, description of vacancies and positions 

Talent Management

  • Separate sites for teams, offices and divisions 
  • Permanent access to all documents, templates and instructions 
  • Collaboration on files 
  • Tracking the dynamics of changes in documents, managing them from any device 
  • Role-based access to documents and customizable security policies 
  • Integration with Teams: access to content and documents from any device 
  • Displaying portal modules as tabs in their respective Teams channels 

Organization of remote work and Modern Digital Workplace

  • HR digital workspace: interviewing, digital onboarding, probation period tasks, team contacts, instructions, etc. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams: learning portal, materials, reminders and assignments on any device 

Learning Management

  • Repository of the company’s expertise – knowledge base 
  • Library of guides, regulations, scripts and documents in different formats 
  • Assigning documents to an employee for review 
  • Testing and checking the knowledge of employees 

Performance Management

  • Definition of employee’s key performance indicators (KPI) 
  • Approval and management of KPIs 
  • KPI performance monitoring and analysis in real time 
  • Guide on KPI categories 

Career Development

  • Management of skills and competencies of employees 
  • Assessment of competencies and skills. Assessment procedures: 90, 270, 360 
  • Associating skills with job profiles, vacancies, responses, candidates, projects and employees passing training 
  • Building employee development plans based on digital indicators 
  • Compilation of general and individual grading scales 
  • Feedback, surveys, questionnaires 
  • Analysis of employee performance to prepare for Performance Review 

Digital Corporate Culture

  • Personal digital HR assistant 
  • Access to the company’s expertise base in LMS 
  • Passing remote learning, tests and surveys via a chatbot 
  • Self-Services for employees and communication in a chatbot 
  • Questionnaires on employee values 
  • A single information space for all company events 
  • Employee engagement through gamification and interactive interface 
  • Easy search of employee photos with intelligent face recognition in corporate photo albums 
  • Ability to track attendance 

Organizational Design

  • Dynamic interactive organizational structure 
  • Directory of employees: contacts, positions, functionality for operational communication and resolving issues 

HCM Automation

  • Automation of internal and external HR processes: recruiting, onboarding, assigning training, evaluating the effectiveness of acquisition channels, gamification

HCM Analytics and Decision Making

  • Analysis and evaluation of key factors of staff churn in the company 
  • Forecasting the risk of employee dismissal 
  • Distribution of employees by risk zones based on factors affecting dismissal 
  • Distribution of workload among recruiters for efficient planning of recruitment campaigns

HR Brand Development (Building Loyalty)

  • Creation and confirmation of the image of a digital-oriented company 
  • Building and tracking a complete Employee Journey 
  • Self-Services for employees, automatic responses to requests 
  • Expert knowledge base with 24/7 access 
  • Training of clients and partners on one platform 

Professional HRM Development

  • Development of hard skills in the process of working with the system 
  • Training to implement the system and create content for digital learning 
  • HR analytics tools and algorithms 
  • Tools for automating HR processes and working with a team 
  • Optimization of HR expenses 
  • Accelerating data processing and minimizing the involvement of people in routine tasks 
  • Digitization of recruiting, onboarding, training and assessment of staff 
  • Development of skills to predict the reaction and behavior of staff: churn or potential dismissal, and taking proactive actions 

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