Advantages of the module

The tools you need to manage your teams are always at hand

Performance management
Track the time spent by employees in individual projects and the status of achieving goals, evaluate progress and assign individual development plans
Real-time analytics
Use analytical reports to monitor employee activities in training, surveys, corporate events, and more
Recruitment funnel management
The head of the department in a few clicks creates a recruitment request and sends it to the recruiter, and then monitors the recruitment funnel and gives feedback directly in the system
Features of the module

Give managers the ability to track results and achievements, collaborate with their team

  • Creating, approving, and monitoring the implementation of individual development plans of subordinates
  • Creating, approving, and tracking goal implementation of subordinates
  • Visualization of reporting on passing / performing activities by subordinates (training, testing, surveys, assessments, events)
  • Quick submission of a recruitment application based on job profiles
  • Viewing information about the candidate for the position and documents
  • Ability to provide feedback on candidates
  • Displaying feedback from the recruitment team
  • Creating applications for training of subordinates
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