Advantages of the module

An employee career development roadmap and a tool to help employees achieve their goals

Employee development within the company
Plan the career development of employees within the company and provide transparent conditions for obtaining what they want
Additional employee motivation
Make decisions about salary increases, bonus payments or promotions in the company based on the IDP results
Automated plan assignment
You create a development plan template for different job profiles once, and then the system automatically assigns IDPs by positions at different stages
Features of the module

Individual development of employees based on their competencies

  • Creation of development plan templates for different job profiles
  • Determination of methods for employee development in the company
  • Quick creation and assignment of a development plan by an employee or manager
  • Organization and control of the process of passing the development plan of each employee
  • Tracking statuses, progress and timing of planned activities
  • Creation of development plans for different goals: adaptation of a new employee, development within the framework of the Talent Pool project, transition to a new position
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