Advantages of the module

Employee assessment system adapted to the needs of the company

Continuous assessment process
Plan and conduct a systematic assessment of employees, regardless of the number of employees in the company and without interfering with other business processes
Transparent assessment system
Employees have access to a detailed assessment picture, which provides an opportunity for feedback and understanding of what to work on
Assessment variability
Create an unlimited number of employee assessment templates and assign them to individual employees or groups based on specific skills and competencies
Features of the module

Assess the performance of individual employees or entire departments

  • Competency assessment (90, 270, 360)
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI), competencies, skills
  • Automation of the Performance Management process
  • Automated assessment forms, questionnaires, tests in a few clicks for an unlimited number of employees
  • Creation of assessment forms in accordance with the rules and requirements with the definition of appraisers: managers, subordinates, colleagues, customers
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