Advantages of the module

Create your own knowledge center to give employees the opportunity to develop within the company

Building a continuous learning process
Set up a systematic employee training process using the training program planning capabilities: both for the entire company and for individual employees
Communicating company values to employees
Each company has its own standards, rules and peculiarities that need to be conveyed to employees in order to strengthen the corporate culture through a common understanding of values
Concentration of knowledge within the company
Create your own knowledge base that will help develop hard skills, soft skills within the company and will contribute to the self-development of employees
Features of the module

Implement the concept of access to training and development of your employees 24/7

Plan training in terms of short- and long-term periods

  • Creation of individual training plans
  • Automatic assignment of training plans based on planning
  • Working with materials in video, audio, PDF, SCORM, YouTube formats
  • Recording the progress of each employee and the period of training
  • Catalog of courses available for self-education
  • Chatbot for remote learning and timely notifications
  • Access via mobile device
  • Support of multiple languages

Create large tests quickly with the L&D Test Builder

  • Flexible internal test builder
  • Question database management
  • Saving information about the time of passing and test results in the database
  • Variety of test parameters: time limit, multiple attempts, highlighting correct/incorrect answers, etc.
  • Variety of answer types: single-choice, multiple-choice, etc.
  • Testing via chatbot
  • Support of multiple languages
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