Advantages of the module

Say goodbye to slow and routine recruiting

Close even more vacancies in the shortest possible time
Integration with job sites speeds up posting of vacancies and processing of reviews
Monitor recruitment results at every stage
Track progress with an automated recruitment funnel
Make decisions based on live analytics
Use HR analytics to evaluate recruiting to understand how effectively you are hiring candidates

Automated posting of vacancies and obtaining responses

Features of the module

Fast and transparent recruiting with SMART HCM & LMS

  • Managing vacancies and responses
  • Mass recruiting via chatbot
  • Database of potential candidates
  • CV parsing on specialized and non-specialized resources
  • Creating an ideal candidate profile for each position
  • Managing the recruitment funnel and recording results
  • Automation of sending messages and invitations to candidates
  • Saving the full history of communication with the candidate
  • Visualization of recruitment results in the form of reports and dashboards
  • Analytics of talent acquisition channels
  • Marketing HR campaigns to attract talent
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