Advantages of the module

Automated onboarding saves time, improves productivity and employee retention

Support for new hires before day one
It is easier for an employee to start working in a new company when they have all the necessary information before the first working day.
Assignment of onboarding plans according to positions
Build an individual systematic training program consisting of presentations, instructions, videos, webinars, tests
Reducing staff turnover at the onboarding stage
Your employees clearly understand what needs to be done and what to learn at the onboarding stage, which contributes to motivation and greater involvement in the processes
Features of the module

Systematic and consistent onboarding with SMART HCM & LMS

Adaptation of new employees

  • Automatic onboarding plan assignment and its execution control
  • Tracking of learning progress by the mentor
  • Online testing
  • Starting the process of new employee onboarding before the first working day
  • Ability to pass adaptation via messengers, such as Viber, Teams, Facebook, Telegram
  • Immersion in the company's processes without the involvement of HR
  • Access to the list of mandatory tasks during the onboarding period
  • Recording progress in work and projects
  • Constant feedback

Work with employee database

  • Employee profiles. Maintaining position profiles
  • Indication of administrative and functional managers and mentors
  • Visualization of staff structure, management of horizontal and vertical hierarchy
  • Management of contracts, insurance policies and manuals for each employee
  • Flexible tools for filtering and visualizing the employee profile
  • Inventory accounting
  • Employee absence management
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