Advantages of the module

Tools to increase employee motivation and unlock human potential

Improving the efficiency of training and work
Approval through scoring and promotion in the ratings is an incentive to achieve better results in training and work projects
Gamification overcomes communication barriers
The exchange of praises between colleagues improves communication, encourages stable feedback and shows that the goals are achievable
Creation of mechanisms for balancing competition and cooperation
The presence of ratings generates competitive behavior between employees, which contributes to greater proactivity, and the praise system creates a sense of significance through the recognition of colleagues
Features of the module

Engage employees through game mechanics, an interactive recognition system, and a company store

Recognize employee achievements and reward them

  • Easy adaptation of the module functionality for different game mechanics
  • Guide for working with badges
  • Badge personalization and categorization
  • Display of ratings with the history of receiving badges
  • Assignment of badges by the administrator, through the application or automatically in accordance with the configured conditions and rules
  • Automatic sending of messages by email or via instant messengers

Develop an internal praise system among colleagues

  • Creating and sending praise to colleagues
  • Personalization of praises
  • Creating and editing of praise categories by the administrator
  • Saving the history of receiving, sending praises
  • Flexible system for assigning and managing praises
  • Visualization of ratings

Create your own corporate gift store

  • Filling the store with branded items of the company with the possibility of purchasing them for points
  • A separate item page with a detailed description and image options, angles
  • Ready-made mechanics for accrual and deduction of points
  • The Cart tab with employee orders to track status
  • The Balance tab to display the history of accrual and deduction of points
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