Advantages of the module

Employees understand what the company expects from them

Variation in goal setting and assessment
Depending on the position and the assessment system, you can set monthly, quarterly or annual goals, conduct self-assessment, approve goals and evaluate employees
Alignment with company goals
Set goals, evaluate employee performance to understand how quickly the company is moving towards achieving a global goal
Identification of weaknesses
A customized goal setting process gives an insight into the weaknesses of an individual employee and the whole department. Make timely decisions based on assessments by goals
Features of the module

Align individual employee goals with global company goals

  • Determination of key performance indicators of an employee
  • Procedure for approval of key performance indicators
  • Monitoring the implementation of key performance indicators
  • Guide on categories of key performance indicators
  • Assessment of key performance indicators, calculation of average productivity based on the significance factor
  • Key performance indicators in real time
  • Cascading goals to employees
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