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Building an HR ecosystem: SmartPoint Intranet app on the Apple Store and Google Play, integration of HCM and LMS into the corporate portal, and the corporate portal into Microsoft Teams

In the July release, we took into account today’s trends and focused on expanding the integration and localization capabilities of the portal, as well as improving the mobile user experience. Availability and performance must be maintained no matter where we are or whether we have a laptop at hand.

But first things first.

Accessible from mobile, tablet and app interface

We have fully completed work on adapting the mobile and tablet versions of the corporate portal. Now it has become even more convenient to manage your workplace: the portal version in a mobile browser lets you work with all the materials and functionality of the corporate portal.

The interfaces of adaptations have changed somewhat, because we tried to make the mobile user experience as positive and comfortable as possible.

In addition, the corporate SmartPoint Intranet website has been improved in terms of UX/UI design, which you can view now

There is good news for fans of mobile apps – we’ll tell more about it later on.

How to install an app with SmartPoint Intranet functionality?

It should be noted here that SmartPoint Intranet is developed based on Microsoft SharePoint, which means that the functionality of this solution is available to the portal users.

But we decided to go further, and now, starting with release 2.5, you can download the Microsoft SharePoint app from the Apple Store or Google Play and set up the corporate portal on your phone or tablet.

How does it work?

  1. Download the SharePoint app from Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Enter login and password for SmartPoint Intranet corporate portal
  3. Voila! All your documents, contacts, task statuses and other sections of the corporate portal are now on your phone in a convenient interface.

SmartPoint Intranet app built in Microsoft Teams

We’ve built the SmartPoint Intranet app in Microsoft Teams.

How does it work?

Many companies use Microsoft Teams every day as it is a powerful corporate communications tool that keeps organizations in constant contact with their employees. Now, being in the Microsoft Teams environment, you can not only schedule interviews, generate meeting details and communicate with your team in projects, but also quickly navigate to the corporate portal through the built-in tab in the Microsoft Teams menu.

By the way, consider SmartPoint Intranet bot – another July update.

What can it do? The bot notifies you if something important happens. But how does it understand what is important to you? Users customize their bots according to their own interests.

How does it work?

You select the categories of news or events that you want to subscribe to in the corporate portal settings. After that, you start receiving messages from the selected categories. In addition, the bot sends notifications about statuses and tasks assigned to the user.

If you wish to receive notifications via Telegram, welcome. Our bot is connected to the application.

SmartPoint Intranet Bot integration with Telegram

We have integrated the assistant into Telegram so that you don’t miss anything important.

The bot is your assistant that will send you:

  • notifications of personal and corporate events from selected categories;
  • notifications of created and assigned tasks.

How does it work?

In the Telegram app search, find the name of the bot and add it. Pass authorization in the chat and set up the necessary notifications. Enjoy!

Polish localization

The July update will be useful for companies operating in the Polish market and attracting local employees: localization of pages and web parts of the corporate portal has been added, as well as localization of pages and menus of the Microsoft Teams application integrated with SmartPoint Intranet.

Portal content is displayed in the language specified in each employee’s profile.

The portal is currently available in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Polish. But upon request, you can easily add support for other languages.

Extending capabilities of personal account

The employee’s personal account has been improved with several important additional developments.

Firstly, in the Organizational Chart section of the personal account, there is now a search field that can help you quickly find your own card and information about subordination.

That is, employees are clearly aware of which department they work in, which division they belong to, see the cards of their colleagues with the ability to schedule meetings in the organizational chart section thanks to the integration with Microsoft Teams. By the way, if your colleague changes their status in the Microsoft Teams app, this will instantly appear on their card in the organizational chart. It’s safe to say that newcomers will especially appreciate such functionality of a personal account.

Secondly, a Knowledge Base section has been added to the personal account. Here the employee will find the necessary training materials, which are conveniently structured in the form of a tree of categories and subcategories. A corporate portal user with administrative access rights creates and updates a corporate book with training materials in a single interface, even if they are stored in different systems, and also assigns access rights to each category or subcategory of the knowledge base. It should be emphasized that access to certain categories can be granted both to one employee and to teams.

Corporate portal integration with SMART HCM & LMS

We have combined two platforms in one and SmartPoint Intranet has received the features and modules of SMART HCM & LMS.

Integration of SMART HCM & LMS into SmartPoint Intranet provides the corporate portal with the ability to receive data on recruiting, employee adaptation, training and corporate events. Now you will see a complete picture of the entire employee life cycle inside the corporate portal. Read more about SMART HCM & LMS here.

How does it work?

After solution implementation, thanks to the capabilities of seamless integration and with the appropriate license, tabs with SMART HCM & LMS modules appear in SmartPoint Intranet. The company can independently implement the necessary integration using the instructions or by contacting us. All data will be automatically pulled from SMART HCM & LMS.

What do you get? By selecting certain tabs, you get into the SMART HCM & LMS modules and fully use the functionality of the solution while being in the SmartPoint Intranet environment.

When implementing SmartPoint Intranet and SMART HCM & LMS as a single HR ecosystem, you get special licensing terms and enhanced support for both solutions.

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