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Analytics in the personal account, a convenient builder for relevant pages, synchronization with Outlook and Teams calendars, and colored backgrounds for different categories of events

As developers of solutions for effective employee collaboration, we collect the experience of our customers and improve the corporate portal based on their needs. This makes SmartPoint Intranet maximally adapted to the needs of the modern market.There have been some powerful updates in November, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Personal account as a single access point

In release 2.6, we focused on improving the personal services of employees.

The personal account has undergone significant and user-friendly updates.

First, we expanded the features of the portal’s corporate Knowledge Base by adding the ability for users to create their own competence center. Now each employee can upload the materials he or she needs to a separate section.

In order not to search for the necessary information stored in the corporate Knowledge Base for a long time, users can add such files to Favorites, and they will automatically be displayed in the personal Knowledge Base tab. For a better understanding, this works like making up a Read List in e-book apps.

Secondly, we have added a section that allows you to view Power BI analytical reports directly from your Personal Account. Users can independently set up the required number of reports and dashboards in their account and switch between them in a single window.

Thirdly, users who have already set up or plan to integrate the corporate portal with the HR system for comprehensive talent management SMART HCM & LMS get full access to all its sections from their Personal Account.

Why is this handy?

The employee’s personal account is the only access point to HR tools for productive work.

Suppose an employee needs to see the goals for the day. There is no need to leave the page and open a new window in another system. Instead, he or she will use the corresponding tab inside the portal and get the necessary information in a few clicks.

Content page builder for important topics

It’s an easy-to-use content page builder that allows an HR professional or other user with administrator access to create and populate any number of new sections with the most relevant content. Pages are responsive for different designs and content.

Why did we add this functionality?

Firstly, convenient navigation throughout the portal, and secondly, quick access to interesting topics and pages.

On the main screen of the section, you can display topics that are most acute to your employees. For example, information about vacations or how to get a certificate from the place of work, as well as info about corporate services, such as visiting a cafe, a gym and a wellness room.

To prevent new employees from wandering around the portal, use the builder to fill the section with the pages necessary for the onboarding period: with company standards, brand book and information about the company’s corporate culture.

Thirdly, this development allows you to create a corporate library with books for the individual development or leisure of employees.

Being in the library, users can see which books can be taken at the reception and which ones can be read in electronic format.

Use this functionality to boost employee loyalty to the company.

Sync portal, Outlook, and Teams calendars

In this release, we have synchronized the personal calendar with the calendars of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams users. This will greatly simplify the interaction of users in scheduling meetings and attending the necessary events, including corporate ones.

It doesn’t matter from which window you are scheduling a meeting – be it an Outlook calendar or Teams – the event data will appear in the portal’s Personal Account. It also works the other way around. If a user plans to take part in a corporate event and has added the event to the portal calendar, they will definitely not miss it, even if they communicate with colleagues via email. The Microsoft Outlook system will notify them about the start of the event.

Getting faster: mobile interface improved

In this release, we continued to work on the mobile version of the portal. The mobile interface of the portal has become more responsive for different types of mobile devices. In addition, the speed of loading pages on mobile has increased significantly.

Visualization flexibility of an interactive map of locations

We’ve updated the office map section: the navigation has been made more convenient.

The feature of adjusting the display of the company’s offices location on the map is available to users by controlling the height of the visible part.

For example, if you have an extensive network of points of sale or company branches located all over the world, you can increase the height of the display area and see the necessary locations on one screen.

Colored backgrounds for different event categories in the calendar

Remember how we used to put bright multi-colored stickers around the workplace to remember about important events?

We decided to transfer our experience to the digital workplace, because visual accents are an important element of perception for many of us. Therefore, we added the ability to assign a colored background for different categories of events in the corporate calendar.

The user can highlight different events in a personal calendar by choosing a color for each category. For example, strategic meetings with top management are green, daily meetings with the team are yellow, and corporate trainings are purple.

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