Code refactoring, mobile versions optimization and simplified work with modules

A big part of the 2.8 release was dedicated to code refactoring (improving the internal structure of the code) to make the product easier to maintain and scale. Such restructuring does not change the functionality of the portal, however, the user may notice that the system is faster, which means that working with SmartPoint Intranet has become more convenient.

In addition to improving the code, there are a number of changes that are easy to notice after just a few minutes of using the portal.

Mobility and convenience

Today, access to the workspace from any device, at any time and wherever you are, is simply a must have. Therefore, special attention is paid to the user interface and its simplification. Taking into account the needs and experience of our users, in release 2.8 we focused on improving the mobile version.

The display of the Organizational structure by employees functional panel has been changed. Now the user can minimize it and get more screen space to view employee cards.

Personal Account navigation
The navigation view of the personal account in the mobile version has been changed. The structure has been improved so that the user is comfortable even if the laptop is not at hand.

Calendar in mobile and tablet versions
The look of the corporate and personal calendars for mobile and tablet versions has changed: now the list of months and years is displayed in a drop-down list.

Tooltip display for long event name has been added to access the information quickly.

Knowledge base

  • The general view of the Knowledge Base for the mobile version has been updated for more convenient viewing from a smartphone.
  • Icons for copy link and follow link buttons have been added.
  • Changes have been made to the display of the form for creating the main category and its hierarchy.

Changes that have been made to all product versions (PC, tablet, mobile)

Birthdays on the main page
Color adaptation has been added for an employee’s birthday. Therefore, it is much easier to navigate the chronology of events: gray indicates past birthdays, light green indicates those celebrated today, dark green indicates upcoming birthdays.

The tooltips’ look has been updated.

Knowledge base
The ability to follow the link by clicking the name both in the search and in the category itself has been implemented.

Vertical organizational structure
The approach to a branched organizational structure with a large number of departments at each level has been changed: a hidden scroll has been added for each column.


Statistics and Monitoring block
The look of the Statistics and Monitoring block has been updated for more convenient viewing of information (text blocks, graphs, charts). For the block, the height has been increased for comfortable and easy processing of data by the portal administrator, in particular when working with data on large wide screens.

What do we get as a result? With every step, SmartPoint Intranet becomes more convenient, functional and visually appealing.

Based on the experience of our customers, we improve solutions even in the smallest aspects of interaction, which allows users to work even faster, more comfortably, and therefore more efficiently.

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