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Kanban, vertical organizational chart, two-format date picker, and customization of report display

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that we have the opportunity to work further, improve our products and working conditions for Ukrainian business.

In February, we are pleased to present interface updates for SmartPoint Intranet.

SmartPoint Intranet is not only a solution for automating the tasks of HR specialists, but also a tool for increasing the productivity of all company departments.

Let’s start the overview of our updates with kanban.

Kanban for visual progress tracking

We have repeatedly heard from our customers that the task management card view is visually more convenient and better structures the processes of completing tasks, that is, it offers a more systematic approach to identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency of teams. Therefore, in this release, we decided to implement kanban in SmartPoint Intranet.

Users can now display their tasks and progress as kanban cards using the toggle widget in the corner of the pane. The tabular view remains available, too.

Easily change task management interfaces in one click, choosing the one that is more convenient to work with.

In kanban, the status of a job is changed by dragging cards between the corresponding columns. Right on the tile, you view the details of each task, its status, filter by due date, that is, deadlines, priorities, or task author.

Kanban is a cool tool for both the manager and the performer, because it helps the team to organize work taking into account the current workload of each employee. Users can keep track of the tasks assigned to them and the tasks assigned by them to other colleagues in a single window.

Therefore, we are sure that such an improvement will please all users of the portal.

Vertical organizational chart for layered view

With the Release 2.7, our users will be able to work with a new vertical organizational chart view.

They will be able to independently choose the interface with a horizontal or vertical view, depending on the branching of the departments and the number of levels of the company’s structure.

The advantage of a vertical organizational structure is a more convenient view of the structure of a company with a large number of subordinates and departments.

For example, it is typical for the banking sector to have one main department and 15-20 departments of the first level of subordination. Such a structure is difficult to display in a horizontal view. Especially from a mobile.

Therefore, given such industry specifics, we decided to implement in SmartPoint Intranet the ability to select a more relevant option for use.

How does it work?

A user with administrator rights independently configures which view is best for the company. This process takes just 4 steps to be done:

  1. Create a new or open an existing portal page for editing.
  2. Select vertical or horizontal organizational chart from the list of web parts provided by the system.
  3. In the web part settings, select the employee directory.
  4. Publish your changes.

If you want to change the selected structure view, follow the same steps. The structure data is saved and you do not need to re-enter anything.

Convenient use of the vertical organizational structure from mobile and tablet devices.

By the way, we are showing a visual representation in a mobile browser, but all SmartPoint Intranet users can also download the Microsoft SharePoint application and use all the functionality of the portal through it. Find out more here.

Personalized area for viewing reports

We continue to work on the idea of maximum personalization of services for our solutions.

Therefore, in the current release, the display of the size of the area for viewing reports in the user’s personal account has been improved.

How does it work?

For the convenience of viewing reports, you can adjust the size of the visual display of the area for yourself.

To set the required height and width for displaying reports, fill in the appropriate fields in the area for setting the parameters.

After confirming the changes, the new parameters will be automatically applied in the report area.

Don’t want to enter parameters manually? Use the auto-select feature. In this case, the report display area will automatically adapt to the size of the user’s page.

The portal is now in the Microsoft Teams app

One of the main goals of the digital environment is to provide users with access to the maximum amount of information from one window. In past releases, we added the ability to view the portal through the web version of Microsoft Teams. In version 2.7, we took into account the wishes of customers who prefer the Microsoft Teams app.

How does it work?

Simply open the Microsoft Teams app and add the portal in your workspace according to the following path: Add App – SmartPoint Intranet – Add.

It is very convenient that you do not need to switch between accounts or look for the portal address in the browser bookmarks: everything you need is at hand.

Users can access the portal in Microsoft Teams from a mobile, tablet, or PC.

Two-format Date picker for creating tasks, requests, events

Our development team continues to work on improving the mobile version of the portal so that users can easily create an appointment, task or request from their mobile, as they’re used to on the PC version.

That is why we decided to replace the old version of the datepicker on all forms of the portal with a more modern and convenient one in order to improve the user experience in desktop, tablet and mobile versions. It also allows the user to choose which time format is more convenient for them: 12-hour or 24-hour.

How does it work?

For example, you need to create a work meeting. Open the form for creating a meeting from a mobile or PC on the portal, click on the calendar field. Select the desired time format (AM or PM). Confirm changes.

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